• Ha, wiseguy! While there's always going to be a little topic overlap whenever Wizards launches a new product, the main difference is that Ertai's offers a straightforward review, while here I'll be using it as a springboard to talk about larger issues, illustrate play fundamentals, or draw broader comparions.

      Thanks for making it over, mate! We'll have to print out your comment and post it on the office wall, much as a business frames their first dollar bill. 😀

  1. The author should check out the positively fun and amazing website where they actually take this deck and pit it against Fire & Lightning. I too noticed some similarities in writing style. However, I believe the author on that website is much better looking.

  2. A great introduction to the Premium Deck Series concept and a summary of lessons learned from putting one agains the other in the ring in the context of the Ertai's Lament website (which is worth a visit).

  3. Oh, but what woman wouldn't pay $35 for the "shiny"? You should see my closet! Perhaps MTG was just focusing on the wrong audience. 😉

    Fantastic job, Jay, and a great introduction to your mind on the matter. Can't wait to hear more next week!


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