1. One note – Life Drain from Eventide is notoriously difficult to track down. It's $18.00 in Troll&Toad, and mainly because of it's rare (Divinity of Pride). One of my local stores carries theme decks, and they have every theme deck from Eventide except this one. Bah. Humbug.

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  1. […] It’s a loaded question, of course, as such questions often are. We were surprised (and delighted) to see comments from readers taking up Lorwyn’s case, and by certain objective criteria it’s hard to make the label stick. There’s a reason why Lorwyn has taken this long to be reviewed, and it has to do with the fact that the only “reasonably-priced” Theme Deck of the set’s five is the ever-available Boggart Feast. The set’s decks have long been either hard to find, expensive, or both. Back in April of 2004, while I was producing my Preconstucted Buyer’s Guide series over on Quiet Speculation, I compared the pricing for a number of major online retailers for all theme/intro decks. That research led me to conclude the following: […]

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