1. So, how much is the packaging for these types of things actually worth? I purchased a few Sliver Shivers decks for the value when they were relatively new, and still have the boxes. Since the decks can be built cheaply, but you lack the box, do these boxes have any value? Just a thought. Clearly I have a few Rat's Nest boxes as well 🙂

    • That's a great question. Most MtG packaging doesn't carry any real value- there's just not a large market for it (a few noteable exceptions include the fat pack deck boxes and the metal 'lunchbox' that Deckmasters came in). Generally when I refer to "packaging" value, that includes the fact that the deck is in a collector's condition (sealed).

      That said, if you also have the printed inserts for the deck, that may add a touch of value as well for the collector, but it depends on the set. Many sets have had inserts that are descriptive of all of the theme decks (early decks had a little book, today's decks have a large folded insert), so a collector would really need only one. Other sets had distinct inserts specific to that particular deck, and in most cases the writeup of the deck is available online. It would be a niche of a niche that would give this consideration for purchase.

      I'd be surprised if you'd get enough out of them to justify the time spent, but it would be interesting to see.

  2. Yeah, that seems likely true. I am kind of shocked to see those sticker prices, so I was thinking maybe about rebuilding the decks by singles, then packaging them in the original box. I guess that would be the best way to increase the value of the “packaging.”

    • That's a clever idea, and should do well for the Sliver Shivers decks. Unless you can get a real steal on Jittes, it might not be terribly profitable to recreate Rats' Nest though…

  3. About 2 years ago I bought a Rat's Nest deck at Target in Missoula, Mt. It cost me all of $7.99. When I opened it up and discovered the Jitte, I wanted to buy more of the deck, but I got the last 1.
    Found some World Wake at Kmart, too. $4
    -Human Tragedy

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