1. Is there any wayyou can change the decklister? It loads all the images really slowly.

    Decent article, interesting deck!

  2. I'm a little confused; can you Emeria back CoA if it was in the Command Zone, like I assumed it was, and not the graveyard?

    • You never put Child back in the Command Zone with this deck, since it has to go to the graveyard in order to trigger. It's a sort of non-intuitive, but important distinction/interaction to be aware of when playing a deck like this.

  3. Sorry it took so long for me to reply back but I actually hadn't rad the article until you asked this morning. I love this deck though! This thing is a beast, it makes me wish I had a Tabernacle and Diamond Valley so I could build it! Love the article too, pictures are great and it was well written. I want to see this type of article again but with the deck going against something as mean. Hell, I want to play against this deck! If you are going to be at PT:Philly for sure I will lock down some time to play. I would love to get this deck on my channel too if you are interested, I've never seen any other deck attack like this one!

  4. How does this deck respond to stupid combos like temple bell + mind over matter? Or god forbid, blood moon?


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