1. I feel cheated by this article. Only because i want to know more about this chexmix/sombrero combo.

    • Well at one point he strapped it around his head and used as a sort of feed bag, similar to what horses use.

  2. Was there supposed to be a point to this article? All it seems like is an excuse to bash a deck that you don't like. There's not a single thing constructive in here that I can see.

    • Believe it or not, some people enjoy humor in their lives. Perhaps I didn't expand on the benefits of playing a variety of decks as much as I could have, but the points I made speak for themselves and I'm not in the business of boring people. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy my article, but it's very clear that I've made a number of people laugh. If that's not a good enough reason to do something then I clearly have to rethink my worldview.

      Also, commenting to point out lack of any constructive input in your highly ironic comment.

    • My inclination to stick up for a fellow free section writer notwithstanding, I don't see a problem with the occasional "junk food" article in the free section. I was entertained, for one. I like this new writer's style. This site still has plenty of the kind of content you're looking for; Mr Overturf is a new addition to the family, his stuff isn't replacing anything. I appreciate you taking the time to give feedback, though. I welcome your thoughts on how I could improve my own articles as well.

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