• If Legacy is so great in the eyes of the current players, can it ever really die? Maybe TCGPlayer or someone else will take over for more tournaments. I don’t really get why SCG would want Legacy to die. Without Legacy, a ton of their cards will just never sell.

      • If Wizards treats it like they do Vintage it will die when old players leave and new ones don\’t join. Sure, Vintage isn\’t \”dead\” but there is like one WOTC Vintage tourney a year. It may as well be dead. I don\’t want to see Legacy take the same path.

        • What is funny with the “dying” legacy (if it really is), is that people will slowly lose interest in it over the next few years. Which means long term trading, (“T2 for legacy”, “legacy is a safe bet” or “investing in legacy is good over time”…) might not be the norm in the future, I mean a lot of stuff might be harder to move, except for a few cards that will hold a certain amount of value no matter what over the years even if it’s not played anymore just like the p9 in vintage.


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