1. Scenario 5 is a complicated one. I like targeting the opponent’s face here. One way of looking at this is you are forcing your opponent to have Watcher of the Roost. That is exactly one and only one specific card that can save him. However if you target one of the creatures you give your opponent multiple ways to win on the crack back. I prefer my opponent to have only one rather than multiple outs.

    • Ruth was an ever-looming threat to these questions. I guess I should have specified a life total for this one, but presumably your opponent would have already killed you if given the chance, right?

  2. 3. Ruthless Ripper would be pretty upsetting too.

    4. Abzan Guide blocking the 1/1 leaves your opponent in a very bad spot but surviving for one more turn.

    • 3. The opponent has no cards in hand.

      4. I thought about this and originally removed green mana from the equation, but in fact, the Efreet Weaponmaster wins with first strike damage before the lifegain happens.

  3. #4 you can’t beat Ponyback Brigade in that spot, so you have to attack. If they have it – you lose, if not – you win.
    The way you said it is correct, but not attacking won’t change anything for you if they really do have Ponyback Brigade.

  4. 4 has the alternate solution of watcher of the roost blocking the token. They’re still in a bad spot but they could still win. Also, nice quiz.

  5. #5 I think it’s pretty unreal when I’m at 4 life and my oponent is a lot higher i would attack with all my creatures. I would just kill the token and wait. Also, the morph could be a spellsnatcher !

    #4 technically he can unmorph an icefeather aven and live another turn 🙂

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