1. Look at the first drafts of everyone. Each player did one of two things: strongly signal what color they were going to plunge into by choosing the best card in that color, OR choose a neutral card and allow everyone else to tell them what they were drafting. Seen from that perspective, the best two colorless threats going first pick (Batterskull, Wurmcoil) makes a lot of sense.

    • Are they actually the best colorless cards though? Would you rather have Batterskull over Sword of Fire and Ice? In a control deck, maybe. Even still, it’s so detrimental to hate draft early on rotisserie that I would easily send a strong signal of what I want if I had the luxury of the first pick.

  2. It’s great that you are drawing attention to this awesome event, but I’m kind of disappointed that the ultimate result is spoiled mid-page without warning. I realize that some people may just want a summary, but you may want to either hide the spoiler information or not mention the results at all. Just a suggestion. Something I really enjoy on QS is that some side magic content is linked in the free section and for me a I tend to enjoy them more if I don’t know the results until the end.

    • A fair criticism. My apologies. I was trying to cover my bases on the inevitable comment that “Marshall’s pick couldn’t have been wrong, he won”, but you’re right, there should have been a spoiler tag or something.

  3. The videos of Marshall his draft are also available on

    In his blog he also explains his first pick. Snapcaster was also in the top 3 cards he was considering. I personally like his pick. He was the first player to make a pick so he had to wait until pick 16 to make a second pick. That’s why staying open seems a better option to me.

    • I agree that his first pick was great. No matter what he chose, his other choices would not make it around to his next pick. That is usually how it goes on drafts when you make first pick.

      If he picked snapcaster mage, he lost the chance of acquiring the card’s best two targets in path to exile and lightning bolt. Marshall did eventually get Maelstrom Pulse and Adrupt Decay, but both are not as good choices for snapcaster as Bolt and Path; it would force him to go three colors in draft instead of just black/green.

      As for batterskull himself, in draft, he is a curve topper for aggro that can make any creature on the board a threat when he dies, and in control, well, we all know how amazing he is in control. Either way you shake it, it is one of the best cards in draft format, and making it your first pick does not commit you to a color or a strategy. I think he did well with his pick.

  4. Would you rather have any equipment, including Batterskull, over Umezawa’s Jitte? I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure/displeasure playing against it in limited but even in a format with constructed powerhouses the card advantage that card generates is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. What I am most curious about is if this draft fired again, how would these players change their picks. Sword of Body and Mind, for example, could easily be a first pick. That card is brutal in draft formats. Also, Tarmogoyf going so low was strange to me as well.

    Are there other cards that should have been picked higher?

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