1. I guess it isn’t a misprint, but I opened an unlimited Mox Pearl from a first print run box of Zendikar several years back. By far the most awesome thing I’ve ever found in a booster.

    • From what I’ve heard, 1st print run of Zendikar had power as well as cards such as Moat or Candelabra in it, and as a result is worth solid money today (Fat Packs had it too, and apparently are fairly valuable).

      • They did, fat packs are considered to slways be from the first print run so they have a chance to contain hidden treasures. Not sure it’s possible to distinguish boosters and boxes from the first run from later ones.

        • If I’m not mistaken, the string of characters below the barcode on first run boxes ends with an “A”. I didn’t know all of the fat packs were considered to be first print run, I just assumed they were disproportionately expensive because of the full-art land packs. Very cool.

          • At the time people were saying you should always get the Fatpacks as they would always be first print run.I don’t know their sources. They actually contain normal art lands.

            I’ve heard the ‘A’ story before, but it only popped up well after Zendikar was released. I am not sure it’s true.

  2. A ponder with only the back off-center I guess. Also got a cards where fairly large spots of ink were missing.

    Super Secret Tech at the Unhinged prerelease was cool and so were 2 Mana Drains from separate repacks.

  3. I have a Fallen Empires card that has the top 7/8 or so of a Hand of Justice and the bottom of some unknown card. The Hand is missing his p/t and artist info and has the border of another card at the top. Does anyone know which card was above it in the printing sheet? I’ve been kind of curious as to what it is for about 20 year now.

    I’ve also got a Homarid Spawning Bed that appears to be double-printed. You can clearly see the card text lightly printed just above and to the right of the normal text.

    My brother once opened an Italian Maze of Ith that was printed in reverse. He showed it to the owner of the shop he bought the pack from and immediately took the guy’s offer of $200 for it.

    • Post a pic of the hand on the forum and I’m sure we can figure it out.

      I believe all cards have the text printed 2x, your copy may have moved between prints.

  4. Opened a miscut foil Daybreak Coronet at GP Vegas today. It’s not spliced with another card–the physical dimensions of the card itself are too large (you can pick it out of a random stack by pressing on the top and bottom of the cards and feeling for the one that sticks out.)

    Kind of wondering if I can find a buyer…

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