Regarding Server Issues This Weekend (Fixed Now!)


Hi QS readers!   I’m writing to let you know that we’ve fixed the server issues that had been plaguing the site for the past few days.  Many of you experienced delays and disruptions while the site was undergoing some routine upgrades and maintenance.   For some of you, the site was brought to an outright standstill. […] Interviews Kelly Reid about the ION Scanner

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Last week, I was interviewed by to discuss the ION Scanner.  We spent about 15 minutes on the phone talking about what ION is, how we’ll be distributing it, and how we think it’ll change Magic: The Gathering forever. With as much as Trader Tools offered, there was still a problem. “This tool will […]

The Pro Tour Metagame: A Beginning, Not an End


I’m writing this from an airplane on its way out of Atlanta, fresh off a wild weekend doing live on-site coverage of Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW). For a 20-year veteran of Magic: The Gathering, walking among the 300+ best players on Earth on the 20th anniversary of the Pro Tour was somewhat surreal. As […]

[Modern] GP Pittsburgh Coverage – Resources & Live Updates from the Floor

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  (Insider Only) Live Updates by ChazV, Mike Lanigan and the crew Official WOTC #GPPitt Fact Sheet Tournament Organizer: Professional Event Services GP Pittsburgh Website   Not an Insider yet? Come see what you’re missing! Live Twitch.TV Stream #GPPitt Twitter Stream #gppitt Tweets Not an Insider yet? Come see what you’re missing! Kelly ReidCo-founder & Lead […]