BFZ Spoiler – Akoum Firebird (M)


  1. A 3/3 flying haste creature for 4 isn’t a terrible deal.  Since it’s only one color, it’s easier to cast than Mantis Riderdespite costing an extra mana.
  2. Having a landfall trigger means that it’s likely easier to get back than similar variants and it can be returned at instant speed, which is very powerful.
  3. The trigger puts the Akoum Firebird into play, whereas many previous incarnations of this card put themselves back into your hand.


  1. The cost to return it is 6 mana which is higher than other Phoenix type cards; for example, Kuldotha Phoenix only costs 4, but can’t be brought back at any time (only during your upkeep),
  2. By only having 3 power it does NOT trigger ferocious (which is the type of deck that might want this)
  3. It can’t trade with a lot of the bigger threats in Standard (Siege Rhino, all the Dragonlords, any Eldrazi, etc).


The current pre-order price is around $4, compare this to Ashcloud Pheonix from Khans (which is now only around $1) and this card has a lot of room to drop. I am not a buyer at $4, but if they drop below $2 I would target them in trades as it’s definitely the type of card that can find a home in an aggressive deck (especially when paired with Flamewake Pheonix (though sadly because it’s only a 3/3 it can’t trigger the ferocious needed for the Flamewake)). Unfortunately, the deck that would most appreciate this card would be an aggressive Red deck, the kind that got great use out of  Chandra’s Pheonix for quite awhile.  These sorts of decks tend to run a pretty low land count, so getting to enough mana to actually pay for the landfall trigger might not be very easy.

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David Schumann

David Schumann

I started playing MTG back in the days of 5th Edition, with a hiatus between Judgement to Shards. I started playing legacy about a year and a half ago.

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