BFZ Spoiler – Angelic Captain (R)


  • Being an Angel it’ll be desirable to people who collect Angels.
  • It’s an Ally.  Much like Slivers, Allies require a lot of good support cards to be a competitive tribe on their own.  Creatures that would otherwise be mediocre can become very powerful when tribal synergies are considered.
  • This ally happens to share the same colors as Munda, Ambush Leader, another very powerful Ally.
  • It’s not legendary, so if you can get a couple out they can do some serious damage.


  • It’s a 5 mana 4/3 flier.  This is not an inherently good deal.
  • It requires 2 different colored mana sources (so is much more difficult to splash if you’re only playing one of its colors).
  • The ability is irrelevant when it’s the only creature on the board and only relevant if you play additional allies.


It’s starting off as a bulk rare, where I believe it will stay. This set will likely be cracked a LOT, so even the bulk rares will be less than they are now (around $0.5). I would not invest in these.  It looks like something made for Limited, where it is obviously a very powerful bomb.  Constructed applications seem few, to none.

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David Schumann

David Schumann

I started playing MTG back in the days of 5th Edition, with a hiatus between Judgement to Shards. I started playing legacy about a year and a half ago.

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