BFZ Spoiler – Quarantine Field (M)


  • At X=1 we get a slighty more expensive Banishing Light, which was playable.
  • At X=2 we get a 6 mana 2-for-1.  At X=3, an 8 mana 3-for-1.
  • Theros block and its enchantment theme are on the way out, so Quarantine Field will catch a lot less incidental enchantment hate.
  • This card is very good in Commander, where access to large amounts of mana is much more likey, and the versatility will be most useful.


  • This style of enchantment only semi-permanently exiles the threat; any form of enchantment removal quickly brings them back to play.
  • Dromoka’s Command is still a very good card, despite the rotating enchantment themed block that made it truly dominant for awhile.
  • 4-mana, single-target removal spells rarely find a home in Standard.  Utter End is a better card when cast for 4, and it doesn’t see play either.
  • It’s not likely to be cast for more than X=2 in competitive constructed environments.
  • The double white mana cost limits use to decks that are strongly based in the color.


The card is currently pre-selling for around $5 per copy. Given I see this card most likely finding a home in a control deck (and control decks tend to be weak at the beginning of the new format) there will likely be time for this card’s price to come down. I do want a copy for a Commander deck, but I feel like this is probably more like a $1.50-$2 card and not a $5 card. I’ll wait to get my copy and I suggest you do the same.

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David Schumann

David Schumann

I started playing MTG back in the days of 5th Edition, with a hiatus between Judgement to Shards. I started playing legacy about a year and a half ago.

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