BFZ Spoiler – Transgress the Mind (U)


  1. Cheap discard spell that can hit a LOT of cards (Siege Rhino, every planeswalker current and spoiled, Eldrazi, All wrath effects both major and minor, Dig Through Time, every Dragon, Treasure Cruise, Tasigur, etc.)
  2. Doesn’t require the caster to lose additional life (as compared to something like Thoughtseize).
  3. Exiles the card, which is good for Eldrazi and bad for your opponent.
  4. No restriction on card type, only mana cost.


  1. Costs 2 mana (and this is a pretty big negative).
  2. Sorcery speed (though this is to be expected).
  3. Still requires black mana despite being “colorless”
  4. Less versatile than previous 1-CMC Duress-style effects, despite costing more.


I expect this card will replace Thoughtseize in a fair number of decks. Standard will likely be slowing down a bit come rotation (save the inevitable mono-red aggro deck that rolls people for the first week or two) as we lose some of the more powerful cheap creatures (Fleecemane Lion, Eidolon of the Great Revel, Goblin Rabblemaster, etc.).

We still haven’t seen enough of the Ingest mechanic to know how good it will be, but it’s possible that cards like this will set up cards like Ulagmog’s Nullifier to form the core of a strong Eldrazi control deck.

Its utility is limited outside of Standard, as in every older format there are better discard spells that cost less. This card won’t reach anywhere near Inquisition of Kozilek prices, but if you’re trying to even out a trade or you have anyone who just trades uncommons for uncommons this would be a good one to pick up.

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David Schumann

David Schumann

I started playing MTG back in the days of 5th Edition, with a hiatus between Judgement to Shards. I started playing legacy about a year and a half ago.

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  1. Jared Wojcik says

    When I first saw this card, I did not have a love or hate reaction. I tend to play Black White a lot with Discard and with this card I was very “Alright. I can deal with this”.

    Now after playing with some of the Processor Cards. Especially Mind Raker, I do feel that it has its place in decks that want it. Yeah it will not hit 1 or 2 drop’s, but that is were One Mana Discard spells like Duress can come in handy. That or use turn one to play a one drop creature, such as Sludge Crawler (Who I really Like both early and late game). In Standard at least.

    Overall in formats, I do not see it being used in Legacy, as Hymn is way stronger. I can see it used in modern as either a sideboard card or in a deck looking to abuse Mind Raker along side Castigate and other cards that force discard while allowing me to have creatures.

    You could also try doing a Weird Red Black Discard type of game. But I know way less about that then the Black White Deck potential that I See.

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