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Rugged Prairie

Eventide Foil Non-Foil

Amazon Prices expand_less

Amazon prices do not include shipping, which is typically around $1.99.

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Best Buylist Spread Best Retail
$10.50 14% $11.99
Merchant Hidden Merchant Hidden

Market Prices expand_less

Merchant Set Price Qty
hidden Eventide $5.00 2 link
Merchant Set Price Qty
hidden Eventide $5.00 2 link
hidden Eventide Foil $23.00 2 link
hidden Masters 25 Foil $5.00 1 link
hidden Zendikar Expeditions Foil $25.00 3 link

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Buylist & Retail Prices

  • Top Buylist Price is calculated from among all the data received from our merchants within each 24-hour period.
  • Top Retail Price is currently based on TCG Mid.
  • Average Buy Price is calculated from each merchant's highest price throughout each day.
Spread %

  • What's "spread"? This is the percentage of the retail price of a card you'd lose by selling it to the top buylist. A smaller spread percentage is generally a good indicator of a card's popularity and demand.
  • How is it calculated? % Spread = 100 - (Top Buylist price / Top Retail price * 100).
  • What's up with a negative spread %? If the Top Buylist price is greater than the Top Retail price, the above formula will produce a negative number. "Losing negative money" = "gaining money"! Awesome!