1. Thanks for the article! I think Obzedat is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and got ila taste of how deadly it is in the speculation orzov deck a friend put together with four Obzedat. The only way my Jund zombies were able to handle it were by being faster or else by destroying Obzedat with tragic slip or two searing spears. In one game he slowly drained my Heath by continually exiling, and tho it took a while as my health was still full at the point he cast Obzedat, he had the field set up in such a way that there was nothing I could do about it.

    Other than that, the game is looking great for naya right now, or anything running red and white. Seems to be a lot of answers it can give to pretty much any major deck, and that Boros charm is terrifying.

  2. Oh, but u forgot to mention burningtree emissary for gruul, the amount of mana it allows u to cast is a huge advantage for fast, ramping, aggro decks

    • The majority of the time, I find creatures with this effect to be not as good as they seem. There was some hype about a very similar card from Mirroden Beseiged that did not really pan out. Usually when these creatures become good is when you pair them with an alternate way to put them in play such as Birthing Pod, but I don’t see any way to do that in Standard right now. I will keep my eye on it though.

      • Gotta agree with Mike here, Priest of Gix saw no play in New Phyrexia standard. Burning-Tree Emissary makes your nut draws even nuttier, but he’s pretty much just a glorified Grizzly Bear, and a horrible late-game topdeck. I’ve been fooling around with him trying to make Charbelcher viable in Modern though.

      • Humanimator can possibly use it for infinite mana combos with a sac outlet and fiend hunter, and wouldn’t detract too much from the deck.

  3. Great article! My only discrepancy would be in the omission of Domri Rade. Many are underestimating his utility… I’ve been proxying him in my Jund Zombies deck, and he is just what the undead ordered! With 31 creatures, he draws cards regularly, my creatures LOVE fighting (Gerald thrives on it), and I’ve actually reached his ultimate, due to the hordeof dudes on my board thanks to him. Anyways, I do believe Domri is THE sleeper of the ser, and wanted to chime in. Thanks again, I do enjoy your work!!!

    • Thanks for your positive comments! You may be right about Domri. To me, he is a hard card to judge the power level of. He reminds me of Jace Beleren sort of, but sometimes you don’t get the card and in those times he is really bad. In short, I am undecided in my opinion of him. Craig Wesco certainly agrees with you about this being the eventual most expensive card in the set and I totally respect his opinion.

  4. Just because you disagree with a spec doesn’t mean you have to be a douche, I doubt all of your calls are 100% But I do agree that prime speaker is a do nothing, garruk is way better and good regardless of the board state

    • Boros Reckoner is one card I actually forgot about. I would have put it in the Honorable Mention category personally, but yes I do think he’s good. Hellraiser Goblin is basically my surprise pick. I usually like to pick one controversial card for my top 10 and this is the one I like for the set. I do actually think it is good though.

  5. Experiment One is a trap in any human tribal deck, as it’s going to get to maybe a 3/3 at best. It’s alot better in other aggro/midrange decks (Naya, Jund, G/R, G/W) when your top end is stuff like Resto, Thragtusk, Thundermaw, Smiter, Hellrider, etc. or in a dedicated evolve deck.

    • I think Experiment One is the way of the future. Just structure your Human deck differently or play some of the cards you mentioned. Either way, it is such a great card.

      • Not disagreeing with you, as he’s probably the 3rd 1-drop in human decks by default (depending on which colors you are playing, I like Champion and Stonewright better, but there’s also Boros Elite and Doomed Traveler), assuming you are really sticking to just humans. He just isn’t as good aside from Mayor of Avabruck synergy in a deck that’s not also running some of the higher power creatures that I’ve already mentioned.

  6. I will happily buy all of your Prime Speakers if you hate it so much. That card might turn out to be the best in the set in all honesty. I get what you are saying about Garruk Primal Hunter, but why wouldn’t you play both Garruk and Prime Speaker? They go quite well together.

    I may have missed on the new windfall but there is a lot of potential to that card.

    If you are hesitant on Experiment One though, I’m not sure I can take your opinion seriously. That card is busted. Honestly, I think it should be number one on my list. Yes, you may have to structure your deck in a way that makes him good, but that’s Magic.

    Good Luck in your endeavors.

    • He is talking about Domri Rade, and yes, it does die to Boros Charm. Hellraiser Goblin and the guild mages won’t see much constructed play, but are good limited cards. Also, Frontline Medic is a direct response to the power level of Bonfire of the Damned, not Sphinx’s Revelation (though I’m sure that didn’t hurt with their decision to add the text). Prime Speaker is a tough call. I expect it to see play, but not be quite as format defining as you might suggest. Experiment One is a tricky card. It is a non-bo with Champion of the Parish but pairs well with cards like Diergraff Goul, Gravecrawler, Messenger (aside from mana), and Dreg Mangler, though this is very linear thinking. G/W offers Thalia, Smiter, Resto, Thragtusk, etc. It’ll see play for sure & I look forward to seeing what archetype best suits the card. Thanks for the article. Sorry about you speculating on Whispering Madness, maybe the rest of us turn out to be wrong.

    • I don’t think this is right. If your opponent runs out of life, they will lose the game as a state based action and the loop will terminate.

  7. I think legion loyalist is deserving of a spot. As if goblins needed another one-drop. He has haste, and in a goblin deck,grants all attackers first strike, trample and unblockable by tokens. I believe he will have a place in all formats. Great article


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