1. Great work. There’s something to be said for being on a short bankroll and seriously diversifying, you never have to reach too far to spot a good spec and you never get too deep into a spec that may turn out to be bad.

    • Thanks. You are absolutely right. That’s a big difference from my main account. Here, 10 copies of Mental Note or Deceiver Exarch make an enormous difference on my bankroll. And I’m almost guaranty to get the best buying or selling prices with only 2 or 3 playsets to deal with.

      It’s nice to see that any % increase makes a difference.

  2. Awesome stuff, I’d be fascinated to read more about the cyclical fluctuations in between Modern seasons, since they’re somewhat less intuitive than the normal long-term Standard vs Modern demand fluctuations.

    Side note: Parts 5 and 6 of Portfolio Management are not actually unlocked currently.

    • Thanks!

      Some cards don’t fluctuate and some are simply a roller coaster, up and down constantly. Serra Ascendant is a good example, since Jan 2013 the cycles are very constant.

      The parts 5 and 6 should have been unlocked by now.

    • No mythic from KTK has yet emerged as a big winner. Wingmate, Sorin, Anafenza, Sarkhan and even Sidissi could double/triple in price with BFZ. All may increase until October. After this date it all depends on PT BFZ.

      I also really like all of the FRF mythics to the exception of Ghastly C and Temp T. Buying a basket of all of the 13 other mythic could pay off. All have the potential to be played in serious Standard decks. The winner(s) could easily be valued around 15 Tix. Not a big increase of it’s Monastery Mentor but a home run if Torrent Elemental.

      DTK also have a lot of nice mythics and rares. Although the choice may me trickier since it’s a 3rd set, higher prices, etc… some of these cards are going to gain a lot of value. Even a 20 Tix raptor could be a 40 Tix raptor next fall is the metagame favors it.

      Spread your Tix in as many different positions as possible is always a better bet than buying only few different cards.

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