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About Quiet Speculation

Quiet Speculation is a daily web magazine specializing in making money in the trading card game industry. Our focus is Magic: The Gathering, and we strive to stay on top of all facets of the game at all times. We are a group of people who love gaming, business, and enjoy the challenge of turning a hobby into a business. We're proud to expand our coverage beyond the financial world with the addition of our Timmy and Spike teams.  These two teams will bring a huge diversity of knowledge to our readers to help them become more well-rounded at their craft.

The site began as Kelly Reid's personal blog, where he would occasionally put out calls on cards as a way to gauge his own track record predicting card prices. It quickly became popular and evolved into the site you see today. We have articles and resources by a myriad of authors that represent a wonderful cross-section of the Magic community, and we regularly incorporate reader suggestions and submissions into our site. The site was born from an organic community that requested it, and continues to grow the same way every day. Whether you're a casual reader, an Insider subscriber, or a contributor , we appreciate every single submission and reader we get.

You'll note that we often have various products and subscriptions for sale.  This is our way of paying the bills.  Writers need to eat,  as do editors (to a lesser extent; mostly Ramen Noodles).  Servers and software all cost money.   By purchasing an ebook or signing up for an Insider membership,  you're helping to promote great content and most importantly, to keep the web servers running.

We thrive on interactivity with our readers, and we encourage you to submit your feedback to  While we can't implement every suggestion we get, we routinely review reader feedback for each development cycle.  Get in touch!

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