A few common questions about Quiet Speculation:

Are you investment professionals, or associated with Wizards of the Coast?

No and No. While some of us have experience in the financial industries, none of us are registered or licensed investment professionals. Our advice is good-natured, well-intentioned, but should not be considered an investment strategy or investment advice. Consult a non-Magical investment professional before undertaking any investment strategy. We're not associated or affiliated with WotC; we're just avid fans of the game helping others take their collecting and trading to the next level. We'll teach you how to trade better. We won't show you how to retire on a bed of Black Lotus

That's such a cool ticker. Where did you get it and how does it work?

Ain't it great? That was hand-coded by our friend Ross over at Black Lotus Project, which is a site that charts MTG prices using historical eBay data and the Google Finance API. The data is pulled from eBay by Magic Online Trading League and fed into the ticker by Ross's computer sorcery.

Do you ever get promos or other consideration? What about all that FTC Stuff?

I used to think that FTC was a way for lazy guys to send flowers to their girlfriends. How wrong I was. Bloggers (and other kinds of online media) are now required to disclose potentially relevant interests that could conflict with the integrity of their work. Rather than list every potential interest the owners and writers of the site could have, take a look at this list. It's possible (but not guaranteed) that the contributors to this site could have:

-Received financial compensation from a mentioned party

-Received non-financial consideration, such as amenities, food, drink, lodging or otherwise from a mentioned party

-Engaged in a reciprocal publicity agreement

-Own one or more copies of cards mentioned in articles

If you have and specific questions regarding our potential interests, feel free to contact us. We always operate openly and honestly, and the opinions of the writers are their own. In simple terms, it is bad business to sacrifice one's integrity to make a quick buck, so trust that we will be speaking with the best interests of our readers in mind. It only makes sense that we put our money where our mouth is; if we believe a card to be a good investment, we're going to buy them up just as you would. Our writers are all independent, and make their decisions on their own, so they may be investing in the same cards they're talking about. Shilling or otherwise abusing publicity is not tolerated on Quiet Speculation.

What's all this about "Insider?" Do I have to pay for this site?

You can read all about Insider subscriptions here (when Insider launches).

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