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What Is ION Pro?

The ION Scanner is cutting-edge Image Recognition technology for Magic: The Gathering trading cards.  ION Pro is a Windows-based app that works with your existing eCommerce and inventory software to bring this technology to your business.  ION was built to save time, make money and expand your business.  Here are a few ways it helps:

ION makes you and your employees faster, smarter and more accurate.  You don't need to be Magic card expert; now anyone can sort through cards like a master.  ION trains your staff as they use the program and assists them with decisions that would otherwise require a deep knowledge of the game.   You can focus on hiring great retail employees, not Magic players, and you don't need to pay a premium for a specialist Magic employee.

Whether it's at a convention booth or in your own retail store, customers will love using ION to sell their cards to you.  Most customers don't want to do the work of typing up a list of cards, so they pass along the work to your staff instead.  ION is software Magic players will actually use; it's fast, easy and fun to scan cards, so your customers will be eager to sell to you.  

If your booth or store has ION and your competitor's store doesn't, where do you think players will sell their cards?  

ION's custom price modifiers lets you guarantee a profit on every card you buy. Cards you'd normally never purchase become an opportunity for a quick flip.  When scanning in a purchase, you can tell ION to mark down the displayed price by a dollar amount and / or a percentage.  This way, every card you scan can be immediately resold for a higher price to one of the stores in our Price Database.  Your customers will come to know you as "the shop that  buys everything".

Got unsorted Magic cards?  We all do.  That's just cash locked up in cardboard!  Whether it's just a few boxes or an entire warehouse,  ION can turn those boxes into live inventory without the need to sort first.  Using Custom Price Thresholds and Audio Cues, any employee can pick through a box of back-stock and separate the good stuff from the bulk.


Plans & Pricing


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User Accounts - ION makes your employees smarter, faster and more accurate. Choose a plan that fits the scale of your business.

My Prices on QS - Show your buy or sell prices to over 50,000 Magic players & collectors.

Ecommerce Integration - Link your existing Ecommerce software to ION, or let us help you set one up.

Price Database Access - Use the power of ION's market database to make better business decisions and power your internal analytics.

Custom Price Modifiers - Control your prices to the penny with % and $ modifiers, on a per-merchant basis. Use smart rounding to mark cards up or down in customer-facing situations.

Custom Price Threholds - Set custom thresholds & sound cues for "bulk" and "expensive" cards.  Audio cues help employees learn faster and make fewer mistakes while sorting cards.

Use My Prices - If you have your own prices, tell ION where to find them and it will include them in its results.

QS Insider Access - ION Pro includes accounts for you and your staff.  No need to pay extra, and you can keep using the account you already have!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras work with ION?  Is there a special camera to buy?

Just about any modern USB webcam will work with ION.   However, we love the Ipevo Ziggi HD due to its versatile tabletop stand, high quality lens, and manual exposure / focus control.  Check them out on Amazon.

How is this different from ION Core?

ION Core is included with the standard QS Insider membership.  It serves as a gateway to our cloud-based collection management software, and is limited in its ability to import and export data, customize prices, and integrate with your existing software.  ION Pro is designed for businesses and serious collectors, whereas ION Core is intended for Magic players.

I want to try ION for a month, but I also want the yearly discount!

No problem, just sign up for monthly billing. When you're ready to switch to a yearly plan, contact us and we'll apply your existing payment towards the cost of the 1-year plan with no interruption in service.   You can also remain month-to-month if that's your preference.

Does it integrate with Crystal Commerce?

ION Pro can import data files from Crystal Commerce, and it can export data files that CC can use.

Does it integrate with [my ecommerce platform]?

Yes. ION Pro can be configured to accept and create files in whatever data format you need.

How does it handle non-English cards?

Flawlessly.  ION is language-independent, so it will correctly identify the card regardless of language.

How do I get my prices listed on QS's Trader Tools?

Once you're an ION Pro member, reach out to our tech team and we'll get you set up.  If your eCommerce provider offers an API, we'll use that.  Otherwise, we'll work with you to determine the best way to pull in your prices.

Can I have access to the price database?

Yes, we offer that as a separate service and as a discounted package with ION Pro. Contact us for details.

Can I get a discount?

The best way to get a discount is to select yearly billing. You'll save 20% off the monthly rate.

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