Pro Tour: Battle for Zendikar Is Here!

Kelly Reid, Co-Founder, CTO

Hi, I’m Kelly, one of the founders of this site, and I love to follow the Pro Tour.  PT Battle for Zendikar starts on October 16th and I hope you’re as excited for it as I am.  I am especially interested in BFZ because the set has so much potential – but it’s hard to guess what cards will break out when the Pros get their hands on the format.

I'm so passionate about this that I've booked myself a flight and hotel and will be on-site at the Pro Tour to see what's happening first-hand.  Watching just isn't good enough for me.

Here's a live stream of all the photos I've taken on the floor so far.  I want you to feel like you're there with me, surrounded by the 400 best Magic players on earth.  

I want to be on the floor when every match is happening so I can see what's performing.  If you can see what's performing, you can easily predict spikes in card prices (for example, see Atarka's Command below).  You can blame QS staff writer Brian deMars, who won the first SCG Open of the BFZ season with Atarka Red, for showing everyone how good this card is.

Atarka's Command.  Thanks Brian...

You want to be at the base of that spike too, right?

Truth is, I’m personally not the greatest at predicting breakout cards, which is why I built this site – I wanted to pull in masterminds of the Magic community so that we could learn from them.  These are people who have won Grand Prix, played on the Pro Tour and owned retail game stores.  Almost all of them are Magic professionals in one way or another.

QS has a private subscription-based model because these geniuses said that they would only share their knowledge if they knew the people reading them would really appreciate what they were getting.  Since starting, QS has helped thousands of people pay less for the Magic cards they need to play.   I want to help you do the same during this Pro Tour.

Before the event even starts, we’ve got articles to get you prepped for the Pro Tour. Here are a 6 QS Insider articles that will help you prepare.  I've unlocked 3 of them, so they're 100% free now.  I unlocked them because I want you to see the quality you can expect when you join our community.

Brian deMars' Guide to Atarka Red [UNLOCKED]

Ryan Overturf's 4-Color Control Solution to Standard

Adam Yurchick's Top 20 Standard Price Gains Last Week [UNLOCKED]

Doug Linn's Analysis of the First Two Weeks of BFZ Standard [UNLOCKED]

Adam Yurchick's KTK Block & ORI Cards to Get ASAP

 Brian deMars' Decks & Specs from Week 1 of Standard

Take a moment to check out those articles because I'm sure they'll help you.  If you like what you see, you can sign up here, risk-free, or on our home page.

Your Insider membership gets you much more than just articles. After surrounding myself with smarter people, I asked them what they needed and listened to their response.

Store owners and regular players alike said “I need something that will show me a bunch of buylist prices for a card at once.” So that’s how Trader Tools was born. It’s our price-check tool and it’s the only one on the internet that will show you the best buylist price from almost a dozen of the best stores to sell to.

Did I mention that we’ve got secret forums too? You get to see those immediately after you sign up.  They're a great place to talk about Magic card prices, trends, and share your questions and ideas with others.  I know I've personally used them to validate high-dollar store credit purchases to fill out my Standard collection, and the expert opinions I received gave me the confidence to buy cards before I needed them.

I'm confident that you'll find a QS membership valuable because we've helped thousands of people play Magic for less money (or even for free!).  If you're interested in learning how you can play more Magic and pay less money, join us and let's get started.

P.S. How nuts am I about the Pro Tour?  Nuts enough to fly across country to attend it! I am going out to report on the entire tournament, just for this site. I’ll be telling our members what the top pros are playing and the breakout cards of the tournament. Nobody else in Magic is doing this. This may be crazy. I may be foolish about this! But I’m a sucker for getting the scoop and filling in our Insiders. Sign up today so you don’t miss what I send out.

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