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We're always in a quest to give our readers what they want! Fill out this poll to help us achieve that, and you could win a free Mox Opal!. We collect info to be sure the results are accurate, and we're not going to spam you. We don't even send out a newsletter that clogs your in-box!

One lucky reader will win a Mox Opal at random. Your answers do not effect your chances of winning, so please be honest and candid and answer each question. We'll contact the winner to get their shipping info and send them out a shiny new Mox Opal for participating!

Winner will be determined on November 9th by randomly selecting from a list of all survey entrants. Winner will be notified by email and is responsible for providing a mailing address for the prize. The winner bears all tax responsibility in connection to the prize. Void where prohibited.

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