How To Be The Editor!

Here's the list of stuff you should do when you are editing an article:

  • Make sure the Author field in WordPress is set to that author's name.
  • Set the Featured Image using the link on the right column at the bottom.  Most of the columns already have one in our Media section, which is accessible thru the Featured Image dialogue box.  If not, feel free to make your own.  The image for the feature should be 650 × 250 pixels.
  • Set the Category to the Author's name if such a category exists.  If it's a free article, mark it Free.  If its a paid article, mark it Insider.
  • Proofread the article in Preview Mode, keeping an eye for grammar, spelling, formatting, and most importantly, broken Card Tag links.  these are all easy fixes and make us look like the professionals that we are!
  • While proofreading and fixing errors, think about some images you could add into the posts.  something contextual is obviously what we're going for .  I usually add some sort of sarcastic or witty comment as the caption, but you can take that in whatever direction you wish.  Feel free to be a bit edgy, but keep it PG-13 because its better for marketing that way 🙂
  • Finally, once everything is polished and looking good, change the post's Publish settings.  Click the Edit link next to Publish Immediately and change it to Schedule.  For an artilce that runs on Thursday, set the date to thursday and the time to 00:01 (WP uses 24h time i believe).

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