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We send a reporter to every Pro Tour, no matter where in the world it is.  No other Magic site does this.  Most recently, we identified 3 key cards at Pro Tour: Guilds of Ravnica as highly recommended purchases.  Take a look at their price trends:

Like these graphs?  Well, we've got them for every card in Magic, with historical prices going back over 5 years.  You'll enjoy looking up your old cards and seeing how they've grown in value!

Also, have a look at our coverage from Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch, where our early warnings helped our members beat the rush on uber-powerful Eldrazi cards that came to dominate Modern and Standard.

Best of all, every Subscription includes the Core version of ION Scanner, which lets you scan your collection using a webcam and import it into our cloud-based tools.


What's Included?

News & Analysis

Expert analysis of the Magic: the Gathering & Trading Card Game Economy.

Our team of specialists analyze the market every day and help you keep up with this fast-moving economy. We cover Magic spoilers as they are released, and during the Pro Tour, we always have a reporter on-site feeding us breaking news.

Trader Tools

Collection management, price trends, charts & graphs for Magic cards.

Trader Tools helps you monitor the value of your Magic card collection by gathering prices from trusted merchants and showing you their best offers, all in one place. Use multiple lists to keep an eye on different groups of cards, or just to monitor the price of the cards in your decks.

Reports & Data

All of the charts, graphs and data you need to make informed decisions.

Use our built-in reports to keep track of what's going on in the market.  Our price database is updated constantly throughout the day, with over 5 years of historical market data presented in an easy-to-read format.

Discord Chat

Don't know where to start? Let our community of experts guide you.

Get your MTG financial questions answered in a friendly & professional Magic community.  Our Discord members are a blend of brand-new Magic players, experienced traders, and retail merchants, and they're all here to help.

ION Scanner

ION is our industry-leading image recognition software. Using any webcam and your PC, you can scan in your entire collection in a fraction of the time it would take you to type it in by hand. You'll get access to ION Core, the basic version of this software, with your QS membership. If you're a hardcore collector or a business, we're releasing a Professional version very soon.

Trader Tools

Reports & Data

Many of our team members have a backgrounds in finance and economics, and they said "Hey, could you make Google Finance for Magic Cards"?  So we did.  We present stock charts going back over 3 years in a format that's easy and intuitive to use.   We also offer data-driven reports that are updated many times each day, powered by an industry-leading, terabyte-scale data warehouse.   We give you all the tools you need to make intelligent, informed decisions, and to act on them.

Liliana of the Veil over the last 3 1/2 years.


Quiet Speculation started as a one-man blog, and we're proud to carry on that heritage with frequent articles, news updates and blog posts about the Magic card market.  Our readers can expect timely news and insightful long-form articles about Magic finance, from MTG trading industry veterans.


What makes an online chat room worth paying for?  Two things:  professionalism and population.  Our members come from all walks of life; some are professional merchants that sell over  $1 million dollars of Magic cards each year and some are just learning the basics of MTG finance.  Some are Pro Tour competitors and some are kitchen table commandos.  The common thread is that everyone here is serious about what they do, and we treat each other with respect, and as equals.

What You'll Learn At QS

We asked our members to tell us what they've gotten from their QS membership.  Here's what they told us:

How To Time The Market

So much of MTG finance focuses on buying hot cards and "stock tips".  We'll teach you how to think about the big picture so you're not constantly scrambling to stay on top of the market (though, when there's legitimate breaking news, expect to see an email from us).

"I've probably saved more money than I have made money, so far. I have definitely made money on specs, don't get me wrong. However, I've saved a lot of my cards from early or under valued sales by withholding them or marking them up preemptively. I find this to be one of the best components of this site that isn't talked about much."

How To Build A Solid Foundation

Between our articles, pricing tools, market reports, and the Discord chat, you'll be able to fearlessly dive into the deep end, knowing that a community of professionals is watching your back.

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 What Cards Are Really Worth

The short answer: whatever someone's willing to pay.   Our listed merchants have standing cash offers on your cards.  Sell a few choice rares, or sell your whole collection - it's easy to import existing lists, and selling cards is as simple as hitting "confirm".   No waiting for cards to sell; you decide what to sell, to whom, and when.

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(MTG.GG is the short-link to all of our pricing tools!)

 How to Supplement Your Income

Magic: the Gathering's economy is much bigger than you think; some sources have estimated the secondary market at over $1 billion each year, and growing.  Many Insider members have turned Magic a secondary income source, and some have even built their business into a full-time enterprise.

QS has changed my life entirely for the better.  Three months ago, although I have a reasonable good job, I was struggling. There were times I was skipping meals, or driving slowly so I didn't run out of gas. I was selling my cards to buy gas, not to make a profit.  I joined these forums, and at the time had about $200 from a bonus I'd received.  I spent that money on some speculative eBay buys, and started profiting majorly from trades and buying/selling.

I went from barely able to afford to change standard decks, to a $4000 collection, not including complete Standard, Modern, Legacy, and EDH decks all worth $400-$1200. I am one of the go-to guys in my playgroup.  When someone needs a card, I either have it or can get it for them.

On top of that, I've added about $450 to my monthly income, and paid for a lot of things I never would have been able to in the past.  Since life became less stressful, I've been doing better at my job, and making about $300 more in bonuses. I have learned so much, and my income is going up every month.

 Let Magic Pay For Itself

This game is an expensive hobby, isn't it?  We all know the feeling of the 'slow bleed', watching our money flow out of our wallets.  Part of the reason that we started QS was to help Magic players reverse that flow without a huge time commitment.

I have been playing magic for a long time, but only recently got into speculating. Hands down QS is my absolute favorite Magic the Gathering site on the internet. The resources, insight, and material the site offers are extremely helpful, and provide exactly what I am looking for.

I purchased a 3 month subscription to try it out, and I can say I will definitely be renewing after the 3 months is up. The first spec I made after subscribing has already paid for the 3 month subscription, and I feel confident that my current specs will fund future subscription renewals, in addition to funding my Magic hobby.  Thanks for the great resources (LOVE!). See you in the forums.

-James B.

So, Is Worth It?

The best way to find out if QS is worth your money is to give it a try.  There are no long-term contracts, no cancellation penalties, and no B.S.  If you sign up for QS and really don't think it was worth your money, invoke our 111% Guarantee; you'll get your money back (and more).

I just thought you guys might want to know that I signed up for your site last week, and thanks to it, I've already covered my subscription for the next year and a half. Between warning me off some bad buys and quick info on good ones, Quiet Speculation, in particular the forums, has already proven to be indispensable.

Thanks for being awesome,
Matt P.


[These trades] marked a turning point in my collection because I'm not longer desperately offering Standard chases for eternal staples, but instead I have the rarer pieces that others are asking for. I've only been playing since New Phyrexia, so breaking into eternal staples has been difficult up to the past couple of months.

I got to thinking about the total initial investment that went into all of the cards that entered my binder this weekend, which prompted me to go over my trade and spec history, compare old values to new, and compare my monthly spreadsheets to get an idea of value gained over time. The first three months represented a gain of around $300 each, while the last three have been closer to $650 per month gains. The vast majority of that was due to being well prepared for the modern season. I was pretty damn surprised to see that kind of gain on paper, so I wanted to thank you guys for the work you do.

-Joe N.

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Remember, there's no risk in giving QS a try; our 111% Guarantee is there to make sure you're not wasting your money.

What About All the Other MTGFinance Sites?

Magic Finance has grown exponentially since QS was born in 2009, and the growth of MTG websites and apps have grown to match.  We think that's awesome - a diversity of media voices is good for Magic, and you should visit every site you find useful.  There's no reason to just pick one;  it's not like you cancel your subscription to The Economist when you subscribe to Financial Times - in fact, you're more likely to read both than just one or the other.

Of course, we want to be sure our members are getting their money's worth, so we're constantly working to make QS the best possible resource.  Let us know what you'd like to see from us next, and we'll be glad to add it to our development pipeline.

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