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Amazon Prices expand_less

Amazon prices do not include shipping, which is typically around $1.99.
Best Buylist Spread Best Retail
$4.51 55% $9.99
Abu Games Card Kingdom

Market Prices expand_less

Merchant Set Foil Price Qty
Card Kingdom Ultimate Masters $4.00 140 link
TCGPlayer Mid Ultimate Masters $12.40 99 link
Channel Fireball Ultimate Masters $13.99 20 link
Card Kingdom Ultimate Masters $9.99 296 link
MTG Seattle Ultimate Masters $11.49 7 link
Abu Games Ultimate Masters $4.51 8 link
Abu Games Ultimate Masters $14.39 8 link

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Buylist & Retail Prices

  • Top Buylist Price is calculated from among all the data received from our merchants within each 24-hour period.
  • Top Retail Price is the most expensive the card was listed for.
  • Average Buy Price is calculated from each merchant's highest price throughout each day.