Trader Tools has moved!

A brand new, incredibly FAST version of Traders Tools has launched. This version will no longer be supported.

Go to Trader Tools.
Import from
  1. Export your list from PucaTrade.
  2. Upload the CSV file here.

Import from Spreadsheet

  • Format your spreadsheet to contain only these 4 columns: Cardname, Setname, Quantity, Foil.
  • Copy these 4 columns directly from the spreadsheet and Paste it below, then click Import. Trader Tools will scan your list for errors and help you fix them before proceeding.
  • Once the list is error-free, you'll be able to import it. A new list will automatically be created within TT for you!

TT is very flexible about how you specify foil status and quantity.

If you have any trouble with uploading, please request help in the forums ASAP.