Write for Quiet Speculation

Have you ever wanted to write for your favorite Magic: The Gathering website? Quiet Speculation is now accepting article submissions from freelance writers!

Here are the details:

  1. Compensation:
    • We pay a flat rate of $25 for freelance submissions that are approved and published on the website.
    • No compensation is provided for articles that are not published on the website (you remain free to publish unaccepted work elsewhere).
  2. Article submission guidelines:
    • Successful submissions will be related to Magic: The Gathering, be interesting to read, make compelling and well-constructed arguments, and will be constructed using proper English.
    • Quiet Speculation has traditionally featured finance-focused content aimed at helping the average player optimize the money they have allocated to Magic. We want to encourage these kinds of submissions, but if you have something non-traditional that you think would be really great for the site, please feel free to pitch your idea.
    • Submissions should be between 1000 and 1500 words.
    • If accepted for publication, your submission will be edited with corrections and other light copyediting.
  3. Reasons a submission might not be accepted for publication include (but are not limited to):
    • Not consistent with the tone, goals, or readership of the site.
    • Poor construction, grammar, punctuation, and other language problems.
    • Reliance on arguments that lack evidence or are easily disproven.
  4. How to submit an article:
    • Sign up for an account here. This will allow us to give you a byline for the article; without an account, we can only publish you under a generic catch-all account.
    • Webform or email submission? 
  5. Want to write more often?
    • We are eager to publish writers who want to write on a regular basis! Consider your first submission an interview of sorts – we'd be thrilled if a freelance submission turned into a weekly column.

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