[card Gideon Jura]Gideon

Being able to interact with an opponent’s creatures in a meaningful way is essential to success in today’s metagame.  Once upon a time, when most of the creatures were awful and took a long time to win, a player could get away with just putting four Lightning Bolts or a playset of Swords to Plowshares […]

When he was first spoiled, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas was one of the most talked about cards in Mirrordin Besieged.  While he has performed well in some decks, including a top eight at PT Paris in the hands of Patrick Chapin and a SCG Qualifier win for Chase “The Tezzerexpert” Stefani (@DrunkestMan on twitter) at […]

I am not a deckbuilding expert.  I like to think I am pretty good at tweaking existing lists to perfect them for my expected metagame, but I am no deckbuilder.  That said, I recently attempted to build a new brew that could attack the metagame from a new angle.  I’m not going to claim this […]

To every measure there is a countermeasure, and a counter-countermeasure. Patrick Chapin wrote an article some time ago entitled Information Cascades in Magic. In it he described how information in any area, but particularly in Magic, cascades and plateaus. When everybody knows that Deck X is the best and most dominant deck, many people will […]

Blue-White Control is an archetype older than dirt.  The first deck in Magic history that didn’t suck as bad as the rest was Brian Weissman’s The Deck, a UW Deck that splashed red for Red Elemental Blast.  In the days when Juzam Djinn was bad because it dealt you damage, and you were lucky to […]

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