The internet shudders, threatens to explode, but somehow remains intact as CommanderCast projects itself back into the datasphere with the season six premiere! In a riveting extended episode of emotional highs and lows, spiritual enlightenment, and some girlish giggles, I hold it down with my co-host Donovan and guests Carlos and Karston of TopAndGoProductions.

The heaven and earth part to make way for a union of manly souls, and the fire burns bright across the internet, torching through your speakers! It’s the Call-InFerno! In another audience-participation episode of CommanderCast, Andy and Donovan are joined by some brave Commander players who jump onto the audioscape adventure though the annals of EDH for another variety episode that might result in excessive enlightenment! A blitz-format roundtable with five topics discussed for roughly fifteen minutes each.

It’s CommanderCast S5E10, which is another episode in the continuing audience appreciation month. To keep up appearances, we’ve asked Andrew Magrini to help spit fire into the Knowledge Pool of Commander players everywhere. Also joining me on the journey of discovery is Scott from the Eh Team and together the three of us discuss a variety of audience-provided topics, including the power of the internet, ways to handle dead card in hand, and more.

It’s the beginning of audience appreciation month and CommanderCast and to kick things off we have a very active member of the CommanderCast community, Thomas, lending us his silky-smooth New Zealand accent and wealth of Commander-related experience and knowledge. With Brionne and Byron filling out the rest of the team, we plunge into a show of entirely audience-generated topics and answer questions like “are Peek effects worthwhile?” and “why is Gaddock Teeg such a d!ck?” Unfortunately, even we can’t answer that last one.

Did you know CommanderCast has a sort of brother pocast, Off-Color Cast? Well, after this episode, you should have an idea of exactly what that our friends over at OCC are like. When I say Off-Color is like CommanderCast’s brother, I mean it’s your younger brother who spent some time in jail, was ‘around’ for a few years and came back to town asking you for money. But he’s still awesome.

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