finance 101

In my past articles, when talking about buying a given card, the concept of “risk” has frequently come up. I’ve seen some confusion in the comments about my use of this term, which has lead to misinterpretation of the information I’m trying to convey. Some people were under the impression that I was predicting, or […]

Today I’m bringing back a series I started earlier on some general financial knowledge geared towards the Modern community. As the title implies, I’m going to discuss the best and most cost-effective methods I’ve found for shipping cards. Modern cards by and large change hands quickly, are in high demand, and have pretty good profit margins. Whether […]

As Magic players we all end up with cards we don’t want or need. Turning these into cards we can use can be difficult. That’s unavoidable and really part of the reason why Magic cards have any value at all. It’s pretty easy for people to look at a pile of cards on each side and […]

A common question I hear people ask is, “Will this card go up in price?” While it’s almost impossible to prove, there are many signs and data points you can use to determine if a card is trending up or down. Sometimes the card doesn’t see a lot of competitive play right now but it is […]

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