Editor’s note: 2019 was perhaps Modern’s wildest year ever, featuring such meta-defining decks as UR Phoenix, Hogaak, and Whirza thanks to monumental shakeups in the form of Modern Horizons and other expansions. That chaos wasn’t without its constants, including one critical element of new spoilers: card evaluation. In this re-run of my favorite self-published article […]

July in brewing? More of the same. More copies of Unearth, to be sure. And more of what’s become known as Modern’s calling card: novel experiments bursting with hot tech. Today we’ll look at some of the month’s breakout strategies: Elemental tribal, White Weenie, and the return of old-school Miracle Grow. Disentombed Again Unearth continues […]

With all of Core 2020 spoiled and the prerelease looming, it’s time to wrap up spoiler talk. After the flood of clear playables in Modern Horizons, 2020 is back to being mostly about roleplayers and brewing opportunities. This is typical of a non-Modern-specific release, and much like a typical set, 2020 has plenty of interesting cards that need a […]

This is a bit sudden: Modern Horizons has only been out for two weeks, but here we are starting Core 2020 spoilers. The summer release schedule has ensured that Modern is utterly saturated with new cards, and it is struggling to absorb them all. There hasn’t been much time to determine the effects that War of the Spark  […]

Core Set 2020 spoilers are under way, and a couple cards have already caught my attention. The one we’ll discuss today is Elvish Reclaimer, a potential 3/4 for one mana… with upside! But can its drawbacks be mitigated effectively? Let’s find out by comparing Reclaimer to Modern’s other one-mana combat creatures, seeing in the process […]

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