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Twitter Reader "lolequalswwwww" asked me today if I covered MTGO prices, and I replied that I do not, simply because I have almost no experience trading on MTGO. I think the last deal I did was to buy a bunch of commons for 1 tix so I could play a pauper deck. Not exactly the same as what I do in paper magic.

I remembered that Jeremy Fuentes, over at ChannelFireball, does an occasional column called Market Watch. While I've got no affiliation with ChannelFireball or Mr. Fuentes, I thought I'd give a shoutout to one of the only other MtG financial columns on the web. You can check out his latest article right here. He seems to know a great deal about MTGO prices, and you can be sure I'll be keeping up with his articles! His last article was on the 21st of May, so go ahead and check it out if you're into Magic finances!

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  1. Hamtastic's "State of the Program" weekly series on provides everything a MTGO trader could want-lists of the top movers (both winners and losers) both in terms of absolute and relative change, as well as commentary on what is driving card prices from a metagame perspective. He even includes commentary on Extended/Legacy cards.Here's the latest entry: Block Prices to level off a slight bit after the next championship tourney (which is Block Constructed) in a couple of weeks.

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