Focus: Noble Hierarch

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Noble Hierarch

Ebay: $ 60-70/set
StarCityGames: $70/set

Wow, the Bant deck's surge of popularity has fueled this card's price above that of the iconic Rafiq of the Many. It seems the Exalted Birds of Paradise have finally hit the dollar value many people expected. StarCity keeps upping their prices and can't keep any in stock, and the Ebay price reflects this demand, with the low end being 60 bucks for a playset. Your local area may not have felt this price change yet, so if you can still pick them up for 10-12 at your local store, it might be prudent to do so. The price is sustainable because Bant is one of the few archetypes that will not lose any major players after Lorwyn-Shadowmoor rotate out of Standard. If they do indeed stabilize at around 60-70 a set, there's no reason they can't maintain that level.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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3 thoughts on “Focus: Noble Hierarch

  1. This just seemed like such a solid card; I expected the price to go up (and thus didn't feel at all bad about picking up my playset for $48 when the set came out). Given that I ran all four last week at Regionals and will do so again for next week's PTQ, I continue to be happy with that decision.Definitely pick these up if your local store still has them at 'old' prices.

  2. From the Black Lotus Project graphs ( you should be using this more, ) , it seems the spike started up about the time that the G/W token/aggro decks got a hold of things. I think that deck-which IMO blends the power of Spectral Procession/Windbrisk Heights with the fun factor of, well, playing Green-is probably as much of a mover of Hierarch as the Bantcrasher deck is.

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