“More Bang for Your Buck” by Richard Hagon

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Rich Hagon did a nice little summary of his articles today on Star City, and two seemed relevant to what we do here at Quiet Spec. They're about getting the most out of your money when playing Magic! Now, I've got a ton more to add to what he says within and I'll get to all that when I publish my Quiet Speculation's Ultimate Guide to Effective MtG Financial Management and World Domination, but for now, it's a good start.

I subscribe to the rule of not opening packs without playing them. I've got 2/3's of a box in draft set winnings in my desk right now. They hate staying sealed, but I -HAD- 25 packs, that is until I cracked one out of boredom. I felt so dirty. I think my rare was sideboard role-player Identity Crisis. Anyway, here are the articles:

More Bang for Your Buck Part 1 Part 2

I've gotten some interest in my Guide to Trading (and all things magic money management) so if you'd like to read a longer article on that topic, please leave a comment on the blog or on Twitter to let me know. While it's true I love the sound of my own voice, the sound of keys clicking on a keyboard lacks the same soothing baritone. Your comments help me tailor this blog to what you want to see and read, so get typin'.

Until tomorrow!

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One thought on ““More Bang for Your Buck” by Richard Hagon

  1. I've been doing the following for new sets:a) Get a playset of uncommons/commons for about $30 shipped off eBay. Besides not ever needing to chase down that one common/uncommon I'm missing, there's also the HUGE benefit of not having nearly as many cards lying around this way versus buying packs/boxes.b) Buying playsets or trading for sets of the obvious chase rares, where obvious is defined as the cards that are actually seeing wide play.c) Waiting a month or two and picking up the marginal cards that are either for a) speculation and/or b) casual fun because I've never met a goofy combo deck I didn't like.Has worked well so far. Another note-keep your land bases stocked as much as possible. Good lands are basically always liquid assets in the trade binder-a lot of people go from deck to deck and like to trade lands a lot.

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