Price Check: Lord of Extinction and Alara Reborn Mythics

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Lord of Extinction
Review the last post about Lord of Exctinction here.

StarCityGames:$15 per card
Ebay:$5-6 per card

Yes, Lord of Extinction is still a good card. No, he is not worth the $15 at which Star City has priced him. Lord of Extinction just hasn't found a home in Standard, the only format in which he is really good. A dealer at Regionals, where it seemed the card did not even cross the minds of deckbuilders, was buying them for $8. For most cards, a lack of strength on Ebay is usually indicative of low demand. Ebay's prices are often more accurate and evolve to match the current metagame far faster than online stores that stock singles and the card's irrelevance at Regionals will keep the price down. If you can get $15 for this guy, do so, because like just the rest of the Mythics from Alara Reborn, he's just not seeing any real play. Based on this information, the prediction is being revised:

Target: $7-9

The rest of the Mythics are just as unexciting. The only others that currently exceed the price of a booster pack are Jenara, Asura of War, Sen Triplets, Sphinx of the Steel Wind and Uril, the Miststalker. Although Sen Triplets is one of the most amusing cards in Magic today, just about every Mythic from Alara Reborn is a crap rare. Jenara has some promise as a late-game option in Bant decks, but better cards seem to exist. She'd probably hold more value if there was a Block Constructed PTQ season this year. Depending on what M10 and Zendikar bring this summer and fall, the ARB Mythics may become important. While Lorwyn and Shadowmoor blocks are in Standard though, it might be prudent to get book value for these if you can.

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One thought on “Price Check: Lord of Extinction and Alara Reborn Mythics

  1. I grabbed 2 Lord of Extinctions for $7 a pop, mostly for EDH and a spare "just in case" someone managed to find a way to make him go nuts. At worst it's trade bait. The card might do better post-rotation when all the token absurdity is behind us.Jenara just takes too much effort to get going. It's a good topdeck late in the game, but the thing about the Bant decks right now is that they are full of 4-ofs because that deck has a god draw that makes Faeries blush. There's just no room for her, and I can't imagine that they wouldn't get better options in M10 and Zendikar to replace the one key card that deck is losing in rotation , Shorecrasher Mimic . Speaking of which, I actually expect to see Rafiq of the Many starting to flirt with Elspeth-level prices as the Bant aggro deck continues to do well. He's already at a solid $15 and I can see that pushing up near $20 if it shakes out that Bant Aggro is a competitive T2 alternative to G/W or B/W tokens, especially given that the deck should remain competitive post-rotation. On the same note, Noble Hierarch might get to a solid $15/each (or more, geez that's pricey for a mana dork) here pretty soon.

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