StarCityGames Sells Out of Swans!

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Just a short note:

SCG sold out of Swans of Bryn Argoll, almost every single version of Seismic Assault and Countryside Crusher (a SB card in the deck). Seriously - look up Seismic Assault. They have a few foils from 8th Edition but they're GONE otherwise. Seismics are selling for 10+ a set on Ebay, and we'll continue to watch the market over the next few days to see how things progress. One thing is for sure: the window to steal these low will -not- be open for long.

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One thought on “StarCityGames Sells Out of Swans!

  1. Winners and losers of GP Barcelona:Winners:Swans of Brynn Argoll – This archetype is likely to dominate until July if Seismic rotates out, or October if it doesn't. Stupid powerful deck. Also include Countryside Crusher and Seismic Assault here.Maelstrom Pulse-This got play everywhere-from 5CC to B/G Elves to ComboSwans to anything else that could possibly run it. The only other non-land rare that got around that much was probably Cryptic Command, and that has to account for something.Reflecting Pool – People ran it alongside perverse mana bases with absolute impunity in the face of Anathemancer, the supposed "end" to the 22-23 nonbasic land decks. Chameleon Colossus – B/G Elves are back big time, and this is the biggest elf of them all. Also plays great into the Jund aggro decks, which made up a good 10% of the field. There's no reason this guy shouldn't find a late second wind before he rotates out, seeing how he's off 40% or so for the year in value.Jace Beleren – Looks like a staple of control decks going forward. He'll never drop to the bargain bin prices he was at earlier but when reprinted at Mythic Rare he should be able to pull in a few bucks more than he's running now. People are always going to want to have him around.Thoughtseize – Cashseize is going to be an necessary sideboard option for dealing with ComboSwans. Since they can like mulligan to three if needed to get their combo if they have to, taking it apart ASAP seems necessary. The much-rumored (and likely common) Duress M10 reprint won't work since you'll want to possibly grab a Bloodbraid Elf or Countryside Crusher.Losers:Demigod of Revenge – Almost 10% of the entire Grand Prix field was playing B/W aggro, and , well put-put sputter performances. At least the other big rare in that archetype, Figure of Destiny, has a place in Kithkin and Boat Brew. This guy has been on a slide all year and I don't see that turning around. Stillmoon Cavalier – Not even the U/W Lark decks run him anymore. He's just so bad with Zealous Persecution around, and gets worse if people start to respect faeries again and pack Volcanic Fallout (or Pyroclasm like Nassif did).Sarkhan Vol – So Alara Reborn pumps up Jund like crazy to the point where like 10% of the field is playing some form of Jund aggro, and this guy still doesn't get played. He keeps on trucking down his downward spiral.Twincast: Sanity Grinding – old and bustedTurbo Fog and Combo Swans – new hotness

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