Talking Point: Dauntless Escort

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Dauntless Escort No Significant Change

Yes Virginia, ALL of them! They're ALL indestructable. This guy is like Forge-Tender for Wrath effects. He's really good, and the only reason he's not going bonkers in the price department is that he's in the Eternal Siege Intro Pack.

Why is this interesting? Well, none of the 3 game stores in this reasonably large college town can keep ANY of those Intro Packs in stock. SCG is selling them for 3 bucks more than the rest.

I doubt he's on the same power level as Jitte, but are we going to have another Rat's Nest? (For those confused by this reference, Rat's Nest was the Betrayers of Kamigawa theme deck that contained a copy of Umezawa's Jitte.)

Leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter. The Escort is only selling for $5, and the Knight of New Alara for $3, but the theme deck itself is flying off shelves everywhere...

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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