$10 for Duel of the Planeswalkers!?

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A comment on Top8 Magic has specified that the game will cost 800 points, or 10 dollars. While there has been nothing that proves or disproves this, I can imagine that I'll be buying a copy just to get a 10 dollar Garruk foil, and resell the game to someone who doesn't care about the promo. Speculate on this at your own risk because this is currently nothing more than a rumor. What do you think will happen to Garruk's price if this is true? Leave a comment and let your opinion be known!

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5 thoughts on “$10 for Duel of the Planeswalkers!?

  1. I get the feeling that lots of people won't go through the trouble to pay money now for a Garruk that might take 2 weeks to get to you. We're a lazy bunch and if you Venn the groups of XBOX players and Magic players intent on getting Garruk, I don't know if you get a whole lot in the middle. Jitte was above the $10 that Rat's Nest precon cost (even though lots of stores jacked it up (Meijer did not (thanks Meijer!))).-Doug

  2. I believe that wizards won't sell Garruk this cheap. I don't understand why they'd undercut the value of one of the premier Magic cards to this extent. One possible reason is to draw smaller kids into Magic but I fear this strategy will be unsuccessful. Personally, I believe that it is just a rumour.-Saemar

  3. DOTP will be priced at a point that makes it attractive for the XBOX crowd to try it out even if they don't play Magic. The game is obviously an advertising piece to get folks into real Magic, not something that the company is going to make money on as a standalone. There's no way they'll price this at $35 and get anyone who doesn't already play Magic to pick it up.

  4. Keep in mind that XBLA game licenses are sorta non-existent in terms of license transfer. If you want to get spare free Garruks your best bet is just asking XBLA gamers with no interest in playing paper MTG for their codes. But yeah, between this and Lilliana vs. Garruk, I have a long-term price target on Garruk at around $7. Like I said in another post, if you want to ride a planeswalker to trading victory, take a hard look at Jace Beleren.

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