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First and foremost, I'd like to extend a big fat "thank you" to Ross, the brilliant mind behind Black Lotus Project. Without him, the amazing ticker you see at the top of the page would be nothing more than a dream. The work he does over at BLP is really fantastic, and an absolute must-see for anyone who enjoys Magic finances. We hope to bring you even more good stuff in the future, so keep an eye on the front page and feel free to make suggestions in the comments section!

Secondly, you may have noticed that your bookmarks pointing to now redirect to I decided that since the site has been growing steadily since I first launched it, it was time to take the next step and get it on its own domain. Your old bookmarks will continue to work just fine, but if you're enjoying the site and giving the link to fellow Magic players please use the new link. It's much easier to remember, so feel free to tell everyone you know!

I've got a few articles in the works, including some more about M10, the 2nd part of A Trader's Guide, and a look at the most recent Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. While there wasn't much ground broken in the top 8, there are some interesting topics to discuss so keep tuning in!

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  1. A LOT better. The problem is that with scrolling text, at least here, the image is remade every time it scrolls and there's a little bit of time when the entire image is blank. The effect is that it looks like it's flickering very quickly, like an old-timey silent movie. When it runs slower, it flickers less and it's easier to read.

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