Booster Pack Challenge!

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Think you can swim with the sharks? Grab a booster pack and bust it open. That's right - I'm giving you permission. I know it hurts, but trust me, we'll be getting our money's worth. Take every card in that pack - the land, the tip card or token, and the rest of it, and put it in a special section in your binder. Do not mix them with any other cards.

What's with all the separation? Well, we're going to pretend you're new to this whole Magic game. You've got one booster pack of Alara Reborn to your name and damn it, you've got to make that booster pack last. Any trade is fair game as long as there's no collusion. You can't tell someone to give you a better deal because you're in some contest. If anyone asks, you can tell them whatever you want but you can't ask for a better deal just to win. You can sell the cards and buy more packs, you can trade cards for packs, you can trade cards for cards. Heck, if you wanted to trade your Alara Reborn pack for another pack, go ahead and do so at your own risk.

Here's what you do to participate: Get an Alara Reborn booster pack. Then you should probably open it, but if you'd like to trade it for another pack I suppose it's alright too. Then document what cards you open. Name, Rarity, Quantity if more than 1. Note if anything is foil, or of there are any other noteworthy factors like a crease, a misprint, or anything else. Then go trade!

Every time you make a deal, make note of it. Use the info you recorded above and note what you got in return. To make things interesting, I'll give you ONE "mulligan". If you crack a pack and don't like it, you take a mulligan by opening another one. If you open a second one, you MUST use that one.

I'll start it off. I hate to say it, but I have it really easy. I got the 2nd most valuable rare, one of the #1 uncommons, and the most valuable common. Regardless, this puts a lot of pressure on me to make big deals. Here's my list:

[R] Meddling Mage
[U] Anathemancer
[U] Skyclaw Thrash
[U] Demonspine Whip
[C] Grizzled Leotau
Trace of Abundance
Vectis Dominator
Jhessian Zombies
Cerodon Yearling
Leonin Armorguard
Bant Sureblade
Glassdust Hulk

Post your pack as a comment on this article. I'll be posting periodic update articles in which you, the reader can also update your list as well. Happy trading, and good luck!

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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2 thoughts on “Booster Pack Challenge!

  1. the trick to this game is finding someone who love standard but has older cares and does not value them and then get really good old cards and then take them a trade with someone who really needs out cards and willing to trade them for new cards and a lower is something that i did i took 4 refecting pools and got 4 polluted delta then gave 2 deltas for 4 Cryptic Commands and i know when nationals come up i can turn the 4 commands into gold bars and go from there lol. Right now im trading all my pools aways for really good old stuff or stuff that will still be in standard because i feel that card for sure will lose all its value when it is out of standard. At they were only valued at 5-7 bucks until the huge explosion of 5 color decks. So if i have any advice to anyone out there when you go to nationals trade them all away.

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