Lord of Extinction Goes Extinct

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Looks like the only ARB Mythic of any value is tanking! Lord of Extinction is down to 10 bucks. Considering that he looks so good, but is in reality not so great, I'm not shocked. Sen Triplets is also down a dollar or so, while Thought Hemorrhage is down to a very reasonable 6 dollars. That seems low, especially considering the havoc it wreaks on Cascade Swans. I'd pick up a set cheap because they'll see more play once Lorwyn-Shadowmoor rotate out of Standard.

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5 thoughts on “Lord of Extinction Goes Extinct

  1. My name is jesus(mexican), I found this site a couple of weeks ago and I really like what you do, I'm a collector but I always forget how much cards cost, I liked the guide you make and I would like to know if you can make a list of the possible cards of the shards of alara block that will go up in price Sorry if I write wrong, writing is not my fort

  2. I'm not surprised that this cards value face-dived, he's just a big, dumb beater. With Path to Exile, Terminate and Maelstrom Pulse in the format, something like this has very little value.-Saemar

  3. I wouldnt count on him dropping. Huge creatures are good for surprise stuff. I can see some kind of weird combo (souls might or souls majesty, there is plenty more that messes with p/t) at some point.

  4. Thank god Lord's tanking. I need one for Cube, because he fills the role of "big stupid beater" pretty well and there isn't that much BG out there… but I would not be caught dead playing it in Standard.His ability is just abusable enough that I wonder if there's a place for him other than "Sutured Ghoul fodder in Legacy", insofar as he's competing with a certain Mr. Goyf there, but eh. Time will tell.

  5. While I have to drop the price of Lord of Extinction to keep (in this case) down with the market, I'm not happy about it. I think that after Lorwyn block rotates, this guy will see an increase in value. A lot of large beaters that are currently rendered invalid because of token decks (both G/W, W/R, W/B and Bitterblossom Faeries) will see an increase in play and value.- Ben

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