M10 Duals, Others Continue to Rise

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They're up to 10 bucks on SCG now. Hopefully that's where they stabilize, but it would not be a stretch to see them hit 12. Once the initial rush lays off, they could fall below 10 but every competitive player will need at least 4 as soon as possible.

Honor of the Pure is up to 7 (in line with the prediction to spike to 8 made yesterday).

Baneslayer Angel was 8 yesterday. Now she's looking more like 12.50. Just what was supposed to happen. That card's insane, folk. Iconic Control finisher if you ever saw one.

Seems like SCG is figuring out quickly what cards are hot and what are not. It's still surprising that no one sees the power of the Magma Phoenix. How often does red get a recurrable source of board wipe? It seems like Magma Phoenix could have big implications and it's still only a buck.

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2 thoughts on “M10 Duals, Others Continue to Rise

  1. Magma Phoenix has to die to clear the board, though. If it could sac itself, clear the board, and recur, it would be insane. As is, it can't (for example) clear a board full of tokens to prevent an Overrun death.

  2. I'm certain that a red deck can find a way to kill a 3/3. Honestly, the part that's more exciting is the fact that he's got that great recursion ability. That's very rare.

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