Reader Reports: PTQ Massachusetts

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In the comments of the previous post about Louisville's PTQ, here's what reader Corey saw in Massachusetts:

Previous to the PTQ in MA yesterday almost everyone at my local store was looking for Twilight Mires and no one had any. At the PTQ one dealer was sold out of them early while the other dealer had them for $8. The dealer who was sold out eventually was "buying" them for $9 in trade and a little after that the dealer who had them moved their price up to $10.

This is likely a result of the popularity of Jund Blood and 5C Blood decks, since no one had been using Twilight Mire at all beforehand. I saw a lot of Jund Blood in Louisville too. Maelstrom Pulse and Twilight Mire go hand-in-hand so keep your eyes on the Mire to rise steadily in value.

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