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As of today, we'll no longer be posting sporadic updates on the website with price changes (like the 2nd post below this for example). We'll still be doing spotlight articles on cards, doing break-downs of events like pre-releases, PTQs, and Nationals, and Pro events, and all the other content that has made this site popular over the last few months. We're simply moving the factual, in-the-moment card price chatter over to Twitter. You can follow me at We'll be using the #QSPricewatch hashtag. Here are some samples so you know what to expect.

#QSPricewatch Baneslayer Angel [+] 19.99 (first pre-sales at 7.47, last at 17.49) | Yep. Another one that should come as no shock.

#QSPricewatchGreat Sable Stag [+] 7.49 (5.99) | Sideboard Card Frenzy pre-Nats. Does this tie into the Twilight Mires for Jund theory?

#QSPricewatch Elvish Archdruid [+] 9.99 (5.99, then 7.99) | Raise your hand if you read Quiet Speculation and didn't see this coming.

#QSPricewatch Twilight Mire [+] 7.99 (6.99) | Is BG Elves back? Or is this people playing Jund?

This is being changed to prepare for structured, scheduled updates and articles, similar to what sites like Star City and Channel Fireball are doing. The schedule and the actual nature of the content is still in progress, but reader suggestions for weekly columns are welcome and encouraged. If you want to stay up-to-date on what's going down, follow me on Twitter and you'll know things as soon as I do!

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