From the Vault: Exiled Revealed!

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A must for any EDH player or Cube builder, the full details can be found here. The real story here is Berserk - You might be able to find a beat up copy for the 35 bucks that FTV:E costs! Not to mention premium versions of Goblin Lackey, Lotus Petal, Mystical Tutor and Sensei's Divining Top. The prices of the reprinted cards will depend how availible this box set is. If it's widely availible then the cards will probably drop in price slightly, but as long as the box set remains somewhat uncommon then the premium versions will have significant value.

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6 thoughts on “From the Vault: Exiled Revealed!

  1. since this one is gonna be in more demand than FTV: Dragons i expect it to be a good investment. all those legacy and vintage players love their stuff in foil (dci balance is going for 25$-30$) and not to overlook the value you get for a cube.

  2. I'll definetly buy as many as I can sit in line for at Gencon… but what's the EV of the box set right now?Do we think the value of each card is 1/2 the lowest valued printing?

  3. I was hoping Exiled was going to be the starter pack for the Cube-ventureist. Turns out its a little disappointing from that aspect. Overall, still worth purchasing and I'm still going to buy it. Though I don't think anyone is going to want 4 of them.My guess is berserk is going to be the MVP of the package. Half sad because I have two unlimited copies, half happy I'll be able to finish my playset.

  4. I don't know why Wizards is recommending them for a retail price of $39. They're pre-selling at close to $100 so I'm fairly sure they'll at least keep their price if not end up being worth more.

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