Warren Instigator

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WOW. The card looks fantastic until you consider that Double Strike triggers his ability TWICE. Then it looks like the insane card Evan warned us all about. The implications range across formats. Legacy decks now have 8 Goblin Lackeys and Standard Goblins got the most powerful effect the tribe has seen in years, all alongside the reprinting of Siege-Gang Commander and the printing of Goblin Chieftan. Sure, it'll get Bolted and sometimes it'll get hit with an Essence Scatter, there's no Daze, no Force of Will, no Broken Ambitions nor is there even a Cryptic Command available to slow the roll of the Goblin hordes.

It doesn't take a financial genius to tell you "get yours ASAP", nor is it exactly a secret that this is the kind of card that can drastically boost the price of the cards around it. Pick up your Chieftans and Siege-Gangs at FNM tonight and pray that not everyone's seen this spoiler yet.

Oh, and it's Mythic. Remember what we said about Time Warp? Yeah, get your playset at the pre-release people.

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4 thoughts on “Warren Instigator

  1. Just remember that the number of Goblins in Standard post-rotation is verrrrry low. Unless there's a few more playable Gobs in Zendikar (very possible!), this card is gonna need some time before it does anything at all.

  2. @ josh: Since the Orb of Insight is up, we know that there are 17 instances of "goblin" in zendikar. This one takes one, and on average each other takes 2 (1 for its name, and 1 for its creature type). So there are an estimated 9 goblins in Zendikar. We also have goblin chieftain and siege-gang commander in M10. So at least this wil have some effect.

  3. These are my thoughts posted from Star city's forumUnless there are a metric ton of playable goblins i doubt this will show up in standard or extended.It's also probably too slow for legacy too.I think it's fun and people will try playing around with it but i don't think it's going to be that great in the long run. I really don't see this panning out for standard or extended. there are just too many ways to kill or block this. If you start off with instigator and i have a turn 2 war monk you are going to look pretty silly. Fallout is still around too, which should keep the tribe in check, not to mention Wrath 2.0. As for the number crunch there is already another goblin spoiled who doesn't work well with this because of kicker (avalanche rider guy). Also this goblin takes up two hits in the orb because of his rules text and creature type. I think one thing that might push this guy into playability would be if there is some non combat way for him to deal damage to a player as he doesn't care how he deals damage. -Reanimator

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