Grove of the Burnwillows

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Brian Kibler's just top-8ed the Pro Tour with a Zoo deck featuring 4 copies of the Future Sight dual land. He used it to fuel Punishing Fire, which is an absolute weapon against opposing aggro and against blue-based decks. When asked how good the combo is, on a scale of 1-10, Brian responded by saying "11".

These are under 2 dollars right now, and it should go without saying that they'll double in price at the very least on the back of his PT T8 alone, not to mention what their price will be if he wins it all. ChannelFireball is already sold out, as are a few other sites, so move fast.

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5 thoughts on “Grove of the Burnwillows

  1. I found 4 of them for €2,49. Bought them at once. Missed out on the Dark Depths though. That card was sold out everywhere in no time after the combo with the Hexmage was known.

  2. i just bought out every major online retailer i could find, again kbr you are my source of income. Thus my life is heavily dependant on this site. I may become homeless if this site were ever to go down may i please donate to you for your hardwork

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