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This week’s topic is much more specific to the game of Magic – the logistics of managing a collection of Magic Cards can be overwhelming at times, and a poorly organized collection can cause loss, waste and missed opportunities. Ensuring that you have a system in place to manage every card for the duration of your possession will make it very easy to locate and trade your stock.

I use the word “stock” because no matter the size of your collection, you should be managing it like a business. If you’ve never worked at any kind of retail store, you probably have no idea how tight most stores manage their inventory. Your collection should be managed in much the same way. This doesn’t mean recording every transaction and keeping a running tally of every common in your possession, but it does mean that every card should have a place and that every card is IN its place. The system I’m about to suggest is not gospel, but it’s a good starting point for those who just keep their stuff in a big cardboard box. Having a system is more important than the system itself, so if you’ve got something that works, stick with it! Read the rest on!

Kelly Reid

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3 thoughts on “ Operations and Logistics of your Collection

  1. well i have a database of every single card, what set they are from, etc…. basically i have 1 of every single card ever printed from each set. Yes thats right i have three black lotus's from alpha beta and unlimited and that goes for the rest of the power 9 as well. I do this because im a collecter i dont care about playing the game

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