Pyromancer’s Ascension

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The general consensus on this card was "The Japanese will probably break it", and they seem to have done so. Nick Eisel, though not from the Land of the Rising Sun himself, tuned up their list and posted it on SCG Premium just this evening. Pyromancer's Ascension's effect is super-powerful, and the card's already moved from a dollar rare to 2.50. It's probably not too late to get on board, since SCG tends to be quick to adjust their prices. Go get your playset or three while they're cheap. Sure, the deck COULD turn out to be trash, but it has all the potential in the world. They're still so cheap that the risk is almost nil.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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3 thoughts on “Pyromancer’s Ascension

  1. I'm pretty thrilled that there might be an early contender for viable combo deck. Disruption-wise, discard powers the combo and permission isn't viable, especially with Naya Charm. Gy hate are pretty weak (Quest for Ancient Secret, Ravenous Trap) and doesn't actually kill the deck b/c of card draw. All depends how fast the engine can come online; both Spell Pierce and Fog are cheap stalls. Having the first Ascension killed by Maelstrom Pulse/Esper Charm/Into the Roil after investing in 2 sets of 2 spells makes it little harder to get the 2nd one online. Twilight.dec has Hexmage. The mechanic also forces playing cards in 4's, which reduces the versatility. Also I don't see how the deck can survive a Duress + Thought Hemorrhage.If this deck is viable, then Time Warp might also stop sliding downward. With that and 4x Misty Rainforest as only money cards, this might be cheaper than Boros Bush.This card's natural ally is Intuition, which can power AK and Kindle/Flameburst. Too bad Legacy isn't a format where you want to try to resolve an enchantment that doesn't do anything immediately.

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