Mono Green wins Nashville 5k!

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A list isn't available quite yet, but a number of mono-green decks featuring Nissa, Oran-Rief, etc top 8'ed the 5K in Nashville this weekend. Nissa is already pretty expensive, as are the Eldrazi Monuments the deck runs, but Oran-Rief, the Vastwood is a big opportunity. If the deck becomes popular, which almost every elf deck does, it should be worth more than the $1.50 it'll cost you most places online.

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4 thoughts on “Mono Green wins Nashville 5k!

  1. Errr… Sorry for double post.If it was a list similar to Silvestri's I wonder if it played x4 Master of the Wild Hunt. It's still between $3 or $4 on most sites but if it sees heavy play the price will jump, probably a lot because it's Mythic… Vampire Nocturnus was super cheap until Zendikar hit the shelves now it's going for close to $20.

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